BGSA Committees are an opportunity for students to get involved in special projects within the organization.

Current Standing Committees:

Finance Standing Committee

Chair: Lisa Clark, VP of Finance

Description of committee: A rotating Finance Standing Committee will judge the BGSA Travel Grant applications and vote for winners in a double-blind fashion. A new committee will be formed for each application cycle. Individuals can sign up to be on the committee at the BGSA meeting, or they can email the head of the Finance Standing Committee in order to be added. The head of the Finance Standing Committee will be the Vice President of Finance of the BGSA, unless another individual volunteers for the position and is voted in. Any student who is eligible to apply for a BGSA Travel Grant is eligible to be on the BGSA Standing Committee. You do not have to be an active member of the BGSA to be on the committee. The head of the Finance Standing Committee will remove all identifiable information (name, lab, graduate program, etc.) from the applications before providing the applications to the Finance Standing Committee for voting. The head of the Finance Standing Committee will not be eligible to vote. Members of the Finance Standing Committee who apply for the award will not be eligible to vote in the grant cycle that they apply.


Community Outreach Committee

Chair: Aliyah Weinstein, Immunology Program Representative

Description of committee: To increase the number of community outreach events sponsored by the BGSA; to diversify the types of community outreach events in which we participate to include both science and non-science related events; to broadly encourage BGSA members to step out of the lab and engage with the community.

Current Ad Hoc Committees:


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